$10,000.00 / year

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The Foundation relies heavily on the generosity and support of sponsors, just as Douglas Mawson did in 1911.

Gold Sponsorship includes:

  • Exposure on the Mawson’s Huts Foundation website:
    • Company logo or personal name on the home and about us pages with links
    • Website page with short excerpt on the business (or personal bio)
  • The Foundation’s E-newsletter The Blizzard, published quarterly
    • Excerpt on the business (or personal bio) in first edition after joining as sponsor
    • Acknowledgement of sponsorship on each successive edition of the newsletter
  • 10 Free passes to the Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum
  • Copy of the Foundation’s documentary Saving Australia’s Antarctic Heritage
  • 15% discount on items offered for sale in the Replica Museum and on the Foundation’s online store.
  • 10% discount on all tours trips and cruises by Chimu Adventures and GetAboutAsia booked through
  • Limited Collectors Edition, leather-bound book Mawson’s Huts: The Birthplace of Australia’s Antarctic Heritage
  • Photograph of company banner displayed at Mawson’s Huts, Cape Denison, East Antarctica (to be taken when next Foundation expedition takes place)

Sponsorship preferences

Mawson’s Huts Foundation respects the environment and sends all communications via email

Sponsorships do not necessarily have to be cash. They can be goods or services which: the Foundation requires for its expeditions to Cape Denison, East Antarctica to conserve Mawson’s Huts or; assist the Foundation secretariat and the Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum in Hobart. All forms of sponsorships are welcome and gratefully accepted.