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The Mobile Antarctic Classroom

The Antarctic Environmental Science and Sustainability Bus

Bringing Antarctica to You!

Antarctica holds the key to understanding Earth’s past climate and is crucial in understanding its future.

Research in Antarctica and the Southern Oceans is helping us to discover answers to some of the Earth’s most pressing questions.

The Foundation’s Antarctic Environmental Science and Sustainability Bus is on tour around Australia helping students and teachers foster an interest and understanding of Environmental Science.

The Mobile Antarctic Classroom is part of the Foundation’s school education programme which includes visits by children to the Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum and the Australian Antarctic Festival held in Hobart every two years.

Presenter David Dieckfoss,is a qualified Antarctic Science Educator with over 30 years of experience developing and delivering science engagement programmes for schools, universities and research organisations.

Donated to the Foundation by Charles Lindall, an avid Mawson follower, the converted Toyota Coaster, has been fitted out with the assistance of a grant from the Federal Government’s Protecting National Historic Sites Programme.

Student Programs (1-2 hrs)
Primary or secondary focus

Interactive and engaging programmes of Antarctic environmental science. Demonstrations, experiments and activities for students of all ages and grades. Topics covered include ocean acidification, atmospheric physics, geology, climate change and biodiversity.

COST: Each session $150 plus $5 per student.
(Minimum number 60 students but smaller schools are encouraged to join together for a booking).

Teacher Programs (1-2 hrs)
Professional Development 

Following on from the Student Program, an additional professional development program for teachers can be provided.

The Teachers Program includes a session on using science, experimentation and activities to jumpstart student engagement and enquiry skills. The session aims to promote confidence in enquiry-based learning and to equip teachers in the teaching of environmental sciences.

COST: $250 per session

Curiosity as an engagement tool. Outreach, communication and inspiring the next generation.


Upcoming Tour Dates
Great Hobart and Southern Tasmania

October, November 2022,  July 2023

Launceston and North East Coast TASMANIA

March,  April 2023

North and West Coast TASMANIA

May,  June 2023


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A fact finding, education resource to the most exciting continent on Earth.


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The Foundation is a not for profit charity seeking funds to promote and encourage public interest in the nation’s Antarctic history including the conservation of Mawson’s Huts at Cape Denison, East Antarctica.

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