Arch Hoadley: Antarctica to Footscray – Biography


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Arch Hoadley: Antartica To Footscray – Biography By Jack A. Hoadley

This biography of Charles Archibald (Arch) Hoadley tells the story of an Antarctic explorer, educationist and scout leader. A geologist with Mawson’s AAE he was a member of the Western Party and took part in several sledging journeys. Cape Hoadley is named after him.

After returning to Australia, Hoadley lectured in engineering at Ballarat School of Mines, before becoming the Principal at the Footscray Technical School where he remained until his death in 1947. He was heavily involved in the Scouting movement and became the first Warden of the Gilwell Park training ground for Scouts Australia. A sledge used by Hoadley on the expedition was mounted in the Russell Troop Hall at Gilwell Park until it was donated to Museum Victoria in 2003. Hoadley was awarded the King’s Polar Medal (1915) and made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1936.

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