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Mawson’s Huts Foundation

Discussion Paper: Antarctic Tourism Co-operative, Antarctic Cultural and Heritage Centre for Hobart

Hobart’s connection to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica is easily understood by a short glance at a good map. The port city is one of the closest points to the Antarctic continent, especially for those exploring the vast reaches of East Antarctica, from the French territory of Adelie Land to the Weddell Sea.

A discussion paper proposing the establishment of a co-operative Antarctic tourism body in Tasmania and the development of an Antarctic precinct on Macquarie Point has been distributed to key organisations and individuals for consideration.

The Foundation is proposing consideration be given to forming a co-operative to promote Hobart’s Antarctic history and heritage as a tourist attraction and Tasmania as the Antarctic state.

Foundation chairman David Jensen has stated in the discussion paper that “no other state or territory has these unique connections, which should be used in helping to attract tourists. The recovery from the damage created by the pandemic will be long and hard and the Foundation believes Hobart’s history should be used as a catalyst to try and attract more tourists.”

The Foundation has also proposed the establishment of an Antarctic cultural and heritage centre on Macquarie Point which could include a national Antarctic museum. The initial response to the paper has been very encouraging but there is still a lot of work to be done on both proposals.

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