Twenty very talented Tasmanian artists each painted a one metre tall fibre glass penguin for the Australian Antarctic festival held in Hobart in early August. All are for sale to help raise funds for the conservations of Mawson’s Huts, Cape Denison and for the artists. Details of each of the penguins are below. For further details please email or call David Jensen, Chairman, Mawson’s Huts Foundation on 0414 33338



PETIA – $4,500.00
Artist: Kylie Barnes








Kylie was born in Hobart, Tasmania in 1985 where she still resides today.  A self‐taught artist, she has loved art from a young age and dabbles in many forms.

She enjoys painting with both oil and acrylic, loves to carve and create original artworks from wood and is always eager to try new ideas. Kylie currently displays her Tasmanian timber and resin art at Aspect Design in Salamanca where it is sold to locals and visitors from around the world.


BAT PENGWI – $5,000.00
Artist: Gabbi Case


From hardship and sorrow a hero is born.  As a little chick, Pengwi lost his parents who had fought courageously to save him and their colony from the onslaught of fearsome predators deep in the Antarctic. Pengwi, bloodied and lost, made is way to an Antarctic vessel that eventually berthed in Hobart, Tasmania. Struggling to walk he made his way to nearby Salamanca where he was saved by a human lady, by the name of Gabriella Vecchione who loved him and looked after him.

Unlike his name sake, Batman, as he grew up and became strong, Pengwi was not driven to hone his immense fighting skills for revenge but Pengwi was driven by love. Pengwi grew up with much love from his human friend; however he was driven to make his parents proud. He knew that one day he would take on the challenge of the great ‘Emperors’, by fearlessly protecting his colony so that all his friends and colleagues may enjoy a full life with their devoted partners and children.

When the time came little Pengwi transformed himself to Bat Pengwi. He chose a bat personality in order to right the human misconception that the Penguin is a bad guy. He moved into a secret underground, underwater igloo under Mawson’s Hut where he lives with his orphan penguin friends. From here, he and his friends board the ‘Bat Ice Jet’ or ‘Bat Super Submarine’ to travel to Antarctica and uphold the peace of all penguin colonies against all predators. Bat Pengwi’s outfit is much talked about in the colonies. Bat Pengwi has a bat cape allowing him the ability of flight, he carries with him rocket bat shoes, to enhance the speed of his land waddling, and bat ninja throwing stars in compartments on his belt. He also has his survival belt compartments that hold krill lollies, fish balls, sea-weed chewing gum and being a true penguin, his favourite item is his away from home grooming and plumage kit.


MAWSONS VIEW – $3,800.00
Artist: Ben Clifford


Ben was born in Tasmania and began illustrating after travelling to England in his early twenties. He then moved to Sydney, studying and working as a photographer. Ben now lives in Tasmania where he studied graphic design and developed his illustration and painting. His first picture book was written by Laura Wallbridge, with many titles to follow. 
This landscape portrays elements from the view at Mawsons hut. Much like an adventurers’ footsteps or vision, the image is never ending with the landscape as much a part of the subject it is painted on.


Artist: Jen Pelham








Jen’s greatest obsession is animals.

“I’m preoccupied by the structure of their skeletal system, the patterns found in their pelts and their mating rituals, rituals that are embarrassingly similar to our own. You should look it up!

“I’m fascinated by their environmental and social role in the world, how we interact together and just as equally how we impact on each other’s lives.

“I work primarily with pencil and paper, normally monochrome and very detailed but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to paint this King Penguin. Like any true sailor ‘King Pin’ wears his heart on his ‘sleeves’ and tells of his adventures on the high seas through his ‘Sailor Jerry’ style tattoos.”


TASMANIAN TIGUIN – Where Are They Now? – $4,800.00
Artist: Sarina Dutton








Sarina Dutton is an award winning artist who for over 30 years has excelled in a number of disciplines including calligraphy, sculpting, stained glass, mosaic, drawing, cloth doll making and assemblages.
Sarina’s current interest lies in the world of sculptural ceramics and where this medium is able to intersect with a range of her other artistic expressions.


Artist: Kaye Gilhooly








Kaye Gilhooly, The Goddess of Colour was born from my fight against beige, 20 shades of white, grey and brown. Having taken the plunge and dived into the sea of colour from a young age I have swum in its luxuriance all my life.

With a Bachelor of Arts: in Visual Arts a Certificate IV in Design and a background in fashion and interiors, I love the amazing possibilities that colour provides to enhance all aspects of one’s life.

When in doubt…add more colour!


THE DOCTOR – $5,000.00
Artist: Joan Harrison








Joan has dabbled in art for over 20 years but business interests have always taken precedence over her artistic skills.

“Painting and decorating are my escape from the pressures of managing a business and my home in Conningham provides wonderful space and light to work,” she says.

Joan also painted a penguin for the inaugural festival in 2016 and jumped at the opportunity to take part again. “They’re such beautiful birds so how could I resist.”

“To me art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,” she said.  “I really enjoy producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power—hopefully my penguin does that.”


Artist: Dawn Oakford, Jenny Miller and Lynn Hasenkam








Dawn taught HSC Art to grade 11/12 students at Launceston College for eight years before returning to Hobart to complete a Graduate Diploma of Art, Craft and Design followed by a Master of Fine Arts Degree.  A master mould maker and slip caster, her limited-edition tableware based on Australian birds, wildlife and the Tasmanian landscape features in many collections both nationally and internationally.

Jenny is a water colour artist who likes to use pen and ink in my art work. For the past year she has been illustrating a series of children’s books, they are whimsical water colour illustrations of dogs doing all sorts of doggy things (

Her style is rather more detailed, incorporating pen work into water colour paintings. “My paintings are neither abstract nor realistic, what I hope to achieve is a fantasy world within the art work, detail the viewer might not see that first glance.”

Lynn is often called on as judge for exhibitions around the state and is currently signed on as a tour guide for the Hadley’s Art Prize.

“I am also, after too long away, rediscovering the joy of making art for art’s sake and I have our Penguin to thank for that.


BENEDICT – $4,500.00
Artist: Ros Hey








Ros studied at the Tasmanian School of Arts and the University of Tasmania. A teacher for 35 years she was involved in numerous productions and events. Ros is currently involved with Primary school productions and events.

Her penguin “Benedict” represents the Southern Lights and colours of the Antarctic.


I AM WHAT I EAT – $4,500.00
Artist: Alison Lester








Alison Lester is one of Australia’s most popular authors. She has written and illustrated more than 30 picture books, and her first fiction title, The Quicksand Pony, quickly became a bestseller. Her books are published in many languages and are loved by children around the world.

She believes children need adventures and the freedom to imagine. Her picture books mix imaginary worlds with everyday life, encouraging children to believe in themselves and celebrate the differences that make them special. Family and nature are the most important themes in her work- loving and caring for the world and its people.

Alison is involved in many community art projects and spends part of every year travelling to remote indigenous communities, using her books to help children and adults write and draw about their own lives.

In 2011, Alison, along with Boori Monty Pryor, was appointed Australia’s first Children’s Laureate, a position they shared for two years. She was also an ambassador for the 2012 National Year of Reading.


Artist: Sheri Matthews








Hobart based Sheri is a self-taught artist. She enjoys working with a variety of media including charcoal, pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolour, wire and clay. Her projects include portrait work, murals, and sculpture.

She utilises her skills to teach children, as well as nurturing the elderly with visual arts activities. Her patience and understanding of what will benefit each artist in her care have produced beautiful results. Sheri finds inspiration easily. Often animals, colour, nature, and humour ignite ideas that come to life in her studio or out in the community. She changes between media to suit the occasion and freely experiments when the need arises.

Sheri’s work has been recognised by the community several times. Her most recent award, an Honorarium, was for her work with ‘The Art of Ageing’ project 2017.

Being open to any creative ideas has seen Sheri embrace an unusual penguin project this year. The challenging canvas lent itself to portraying the fascinatingly evil character from Batman – The Penguin. Sheri went right to his beating heart with this one and scattered all of her favourite villains across the Penguins back with a touch of comic style.


Artist: Julian Oates








Julian Oates was born in 1991 and is a local Tasmanian Aboriginal artist from Mountain River, south of Hobart. Julian is the direct X7 great-grandson of Chief Mannalargenna (ca. 1770-1835) who was a powerful supreme head warrior and the chief of the Ben Lomond tribe (Plangermaireener).

Julian comes from a family of artists and he was first inspired to paint by his father Leigh. Julian would watch his father paint and listen to the stories he would tell as he worked his canvas. In 2009 Julian developed his own unique style of painting to express his experiences, his culture and to continue passing on traditional knowledge for future generations. Julian has produced over 100 works to date. His pieces have sold worldwide and he is gathering interest from national institutions. Julian has had two sell out solo exhibitions at Art Mob, Hobart in 2011 & 2014. All of his pieces have titles, but, only some have written stories. He challenges and encourages his audiences to build their own interpretations within his paintings.

These stories for Julian come from deep within his psyche and unlike a lot of artists he never has a predetermined vision of what he wants to capture, it is simply transpires as he works through the process of creation. In November 2014 Julian was interviewed by SBS Living Black to feature in their Tasmanian episode.


Artist: Leigh Oates








Leigh has lived in the Huon Valley, Southern Tasmania, all his life. His life in the bush has been influenced by the animals and the country around him. He feels comfortable and connected with his rural lifestyle. Leigh was able to be creative in his trade as a fitter and turner for approx. 6 years and his creativity can also been seen in his unique craft pieces he made for a few years.

Leigh spent 12 years employed with Sea Fisheries, in this time coming in contact with many varieties of marine species. Leigh is now employed with the Department of Education as an Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker.

Being proud of his Aboriginality and country lifestyle; travelling the Australian outback and assisting children with artwork at school has inspired Leigh to express himself culturally through painting.

His 2 sons Julian and Reuben have learned about art making from their father and are well established artists in their own rights.


(From the Inside Out) – SOLD

Artist: Reuben Oates








Reuben lives at Mountain River, south of Hobart in Tasmania. His father, Leigh Oates, provided Reuben the inspiration to commence painting in 2004. He is the youngest Aboriginal artist to be represented at Art Mob.

Reuben finds inspiration in the land and nature around him. He uses animals or references to animals to tell stories about his life journey.

At a young age, as Reuben was developing his style, he was purely painting what he saw in nature and telling the story of ‘seeing’. Now as he grows and his style matures, Reuben feels himself telling more of a story of ‘connection’; where he comes from and where he is headed!

In 2016 and 2017, at 23, Reuben was sharing and telling his story of connection to students in Southern Tasmania: ‘It feels as if I’m living a dream to some degree. Over the past few years I’ve wanted to become a motivational speaker, and feel I have achieved this using my art as the foreground. Telling my story of culture, spirituality and mental health all through my art’.

Reuben also works within schools painting large murals, called connection and they all incorporate a river theme.


Artist: Susan Doust








The sturdy adult penguin stands guard by the young chicks huddling in their crèche, sheltering them from the wild elements. As one of them looks skyward, the intriguing green light of the Aurora Australis swirls and flashes over the night sky. The ice heaves and cracks as it breaks away from the continent, drifting and melting into a dark ocean.

“I am an artist who paints and draws with a range of media to create large works usually on canvas or linen,” says Susan. “I often like to create my images by sculpting on the canvas and developing varied textures. My work is inspired primarily by my surroundings and nature and my experiences of working as a scientist.

“I have previously worked in Antarctica over several seasons studying penguins and other Antarctic seabirds from remote field locations, including visiting the Emperor colonies near Mawson Station.  I am represented by Gallery Pejean (Launceston) where I had my first solo exhibition in 2016. My second solo exhibition will be held in September/October this year.”


PETULA – $4,000.00
Artist: Jan Rigden-Clay








Jan studied fine art at Latrobe School of Art and New Media, Melbourne and exhibited at various galleries around Victoria until 2004. Her paintings have been sold to private and corporate collections in Australia and Internationally.

She began glass lampworking in 2004 and moved to Sheffield, opening a gallery called “World of Marbles” -the only gallery in Australia to specialize in art glass marbles.

Jan worked and had a studio for in Versailles for 12 months and also spent two years in Eton, U.K.

My interest in doing this Penguin stems from an encounter many years ago in New Zealand when I rescued a penguin that had been run over by a car. I took it home and nursed it back to health before releasing it back to the beach it had come from.

At the end of this year I am going on a 12 day cruise to Antarctica, specifically to see the ice bergs and penguins.

I also own a house in Penguin, Tasmania which I will move to later this year.


PERCY – $6,000.00
Artist: Donna Ritchie








“In my recent art making I often use children’s nostalgia triggers, such as tongue twisters, toys, generic monster shapes etc which creates a sense of play and humour, while delivering more serious messages,” Donna explains

“The issues that keep resurfacing in my work are comments on social, environment and political changes. I began my art practice in a shop on a bridge. We sold mosaic tiles in a Roman city in England.

“It was beautiful and inspiring. I’m now based in Tasmania, which is just as inspiring and just as beautiful. What both places have in common are bucket loads of issues to create from, because we really only have one planet and only collectively can we help it stay/keep on track.”


“I’m all tied up in knots.” Said Percy the Penguin.

“Those pesky tourists to Antarctica love me s0000000 much, they even take photos of me on a bad hair day! I need a holiday too, but where can I go? Ohhhhhhhhh, I know, Hobart is a bit of a hot spot right now. I’ll go there.” So that’s how Percy came to Tasmania. He’s on holiday, feel free to have your picture taken with Percy and spread some Percy love. #PercyThePenguin


FLIP – $6,000.00








Born in Medindie, South Australia Graham began as a sign writer and spent nearly 20 years in Canada before returning to Australia. Now living in Hobart he works for the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service as sign and production officer. “I have spent 40 years of my life using my brushes in the highly disciplined art form of sign painting, the control of the chiselled brush tip to create beautiful letters in countless fonts including personalised scripts and casual styles have been the joy of a highly creative career.

I now transfer this skill to my artwork; my painting simplifies the environment to basic form; much of the brushwork is indicative of the real world and presents a relaxed informal peace. I feel enhancing the natural environment with bold colour is essential to draw the viewer into the work.

He was a finalist in the 2012 Glover Art Prize and has held several successful exhibitions in Tasmania.


Artist: Kerry Thompson








In 1973, after studying zoology in Toronto, Kerry ventured to Australia with a guitar and a backpack,  got a shock eating Vegemite, stepped into the University of Sydney and five years later came out again as Kerry Millard and a rural veterinarian. Seven moves and a baby or two later saw her reach Sydney in 1984 where she gave birth again and became an Australian.

Not having quite enough excitement with three kids under four she brought home a wacky dog and ended up taking him to a dog training club to help him get his act together.

She drew some cartoons for their newsletter which people seemed to like, and accidentally fell into being an award-winning cartoonist drawing for publications including The Sydney Morning Herald and Medical Observer, and twice being voted Best Single Gag Cartoon Artist by the Australian Cartoonists’ Association.

Kerry’s paintings have hung in numerous exhibitions in Australia and South Korea, in a number of galleries, and are held in collections in Australia and Canada. Kerry was a finalist in the 2017 Glover Prize.


CHEF – $4,000.00
Artist: Coral Tullock








Coral Tulloch is an Author and Illustrator who has worked on 62 books for children.  In 1999 she was awarded an Arts Fellowship with The Australian Antarctic Division and visited Mawson, Davis and Casey and also Macquarie Island.

She has returned to the continent and Subantarctic a further three times as Artist in residence on tourist ships.  Apart from producing games and activity based material for children on Antarctica, she has also written and illustrated another four books, two non-fictions (one winning the Environment Award) and two fictions.

She also co-wrote and co illustrated the multi award winning book, One Small Island with Alison Lester.  Coral still visits schools to talk about Antarctica, exhibits her artwork and continues to have a lifetime passion for the ice.

For this exhibition:  Arguably the most important person on station, with a sense of humour, attitude and always the best slippers…the chef!